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Marketing Deliverables

Release: 1.2 | July 14, 2022


The purpose of this document is to facilitate and define Warner Bros. Discovery’s requirements for the successful acquisition of promotional materials. All content should be “evergreen” i.e. no date references, and be fully cleared for Warner Bros. Discovery use (music, VO, etc.).

The desired content may include, but is not limited to:

  • Full “Classic” Trailer (individual episodes & full season)
    • ~90s in length
  • Trailer Cutdowns
    • ~ 10-30s in length
    • Conveys the tone/sells the content without spoilers - designed for someone who has not yet seen the content
    • First frame is video (no opening tag/title card)
    • Minimal text on screen (may be partially obscured in the experience)
  • Any related additional promo content
  • Recaps (full season & individual episodes)
  • Episodics “Next Ons”
  • Alternative Assets:
    • Any additional social content that may be relevant
    • GIFs/Cinemagraphs
    Some of the promotional content above may not be applicable to your titles, Warner Bros. Discovery only requires the material relevant to your content.

Expected Deliverables

  • Master Media File (ProRes in 23.98 or 59.94)
  • Textless Submaster w/ Split Tracks (ProRes in 23.98 or 59.94)
  • Artwork
    • 48x14 Layered PSD File
  • Font/Image Callout Sheet

Technical Specifications

Master File Export

  1. Digital file of highest quality resolution and least compression available.
  2. File SHOULD contain all graphics and stereo mixed audio.
  3. If the spot contains voice over, please provide the stereo mix without the VO track if possible (mix minus).

Textless Submaster (Required)

  1. Digital File of highest quality resolution and least compression.
  2. File SHOULD NOT contain graphics.
  3. File SHOULD contain SPLIT AUDIO (separate dialogue, music, effects and VO, if applicable). If you have split audio as separate audio files, Warner Bros. Discovery can take that as well.
DeliverablePreferredAccepted if Preferred Spec Is not Available
CodecProRes or DNXAll are accepted
ContainerQuicktime Mov or MXF OP1aAll are accepted
Frame Rate23.98 or 59.94Assets that are not 23.98 or 59.94 must be converted or they will be rejected.
Resolution1920 x1080Contact Warner Bros. Discovery if delivering content in a resolution other than 1920 x 1080.
Ideal Audio Requirements48kHz, 24 bit, uncompressedContact Warner Bros. Discovery if delivering audio files that have a bit rate less than 10 Mbps.

Content Delivery Method

Warner Bros. Discovery uses Aspera Faspex as the primary transfer method. However, Warner Bros. Discovery may be able to accommodate other delivery methods. The Aspera account for deliveries is: WM Marketing Delivery.

Contact Information

For any questions, or to set up an Aspera account with us, please reach out to: WMMarketingDelivery@hbo.com.

Revision History

v1.2 July 14, 2022

  1. Added Expected Deliverables section
  2. Frame rate values changes from "original/native" to "23.98 or 59.94"
  3. Textless Submaster - "(where applicable)" replaced with "(Required)"

v1.1 April 13, 2022

  1. Replaced 'WarnerMedia' with 'Warner Bros. Discovery'
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