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Dubbing Cards

Release: 1.1 | May 14, 2021

    Prior to delivery, please reach out to your Warner Bros. Discovery contact to ensure that Dubbing Cards are fully supported.

Technical Specifications

  1. Dubbing Cards full-frame aspect ratio must match the aspect ratio of the delivered, full-frame video (16x9).
  2. Pixel Aspect Ratio (PAR): 1:1 square pixels.
  3. File format: Portable Network Graphic 24-bit (PNG-24) (.png).
  4. Dubbing Cards should match the maximum resolution of the delivered video.
  5. Dubbing Cards must have a minimum resolution of 1280x720.


  1. Dubbing Credits not supplied as part of the video master or localized audio tracks must be delivered to satisfy legal requirements for each territory. Each Dubbing Card must only represent the credits for one language.

Delivery Guidelines

  1. Refer to Warner Bros. Discovery's MMC Technical Metadata guidelines for Dubbing Cards.
  2. To ensure that the Dubbing Card's text is not lost when it is cropped along with the feature video and is composed correctly within the active pixel area, do not position characters outside of the Title Safe area of the feature.
  3. If there are multiple Dubbing Cards for a given language, please deliver together (this also applies revisions).
  4. Dubbing Cards may be delivered along with the localized audio tracks or as a stand alone component delivery.
  5. Dubbing Cards must be formatted exactly as they are to appear on-screen. No extraneous information should be included beyond studio name, cast and, other key personnel or as otherwise required by law in the territory of exhibition.
  6. Dubbing Card sequence should begin at 1.

Naming Convention Guidelines

  1. Filename must not include spaces or special characters, e.g. ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) ` ; < > ? , [ ] { } ’ ” |. With the exception of – (dash) and _ (underscore).
  2. Underscores must be used to separate categories within filename.
  3. Abbreviation of brand or content description is permitted if need be (e.g. “CN” instead of “Cartoon Network” or “GOT” instead of “Game of Thrones”)
  4. All filenames must contain a file type extension and must be lowercase. Uppercase extension will result in an invalid content delivery.
  5. Filename must not exceed 72 characters (not including extension e.g. ".png").
  6. Filename category should use CamelCase: multiple words joined together with the first letter of each word capitalized, e.g. Search Party -> SearchParty.
  7. Language values must be present in the filename and conform with Warner Bros. Discovery guidance on BCP 47/LMT (with language and region where appropriate)
  8. In cases where multiple dub cards are needed for an individual language, the dub cards must be named to indicate the display order otherwise it should be omitted.



CategoryDefinitionRequired/ As Applicable
ProgramTitleIs the tile of the programRequired
EpNoIs expressed as a concatenation of season and episode number in season.
Season is indicated by a single digit (e.g. 2) and episode number by two digits
(e.g. 01). Using this convention the example would be 201.

For seasons 10 and above, the same logic shall apply. Season is indicated by two digits (e.g. 10) and episode number by two digits (e.g. 01). Using this convention the example would be 1001.
As Applicable
Edit TypeIs the edit type of the program (for example: textless, consolidated, etc.)As Applicable
LanguageIs the primary language of the media file Required
DubCard Display OrderIs the order the card should be displayedAs Applicable

Release History

v1.2 April 13, 2022

  1. Replaced 'WarnerMedia' with 'Warner Bros. Discovery'

v1.1 May 14, 2021

  1. Added a Delivery Guideline that directs partners to deliver Dubbing Cards together
  2. Added Delivery Guideline for Dubbing Card starting sequence
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